12 Creative Ways to Utilize Unused Pavers

Brick walkways, walls, and patios can all be beautiful additions to your home’s outdoor space. However, you don’t need to use new bricks to create something awesome. If you have a pile of unused paving stones laying around, you can easily repurpose them into something great.

Here are a few ideas for what you can do with your old bricks.

  1. Create a Brick Pathway. Use your old bricks to create a path through your garden, to your front door, or around your backyard.
  2. Make an Outdoor Bench. Your old bricks can be the perfect foundation for an outdoor bench.
  3. Build a Waterfall or Pond. You can use your old bricks to create a garden water feature.
  4. Construct a Firepit. Use your bricks to create a firepit in your backyard.
  5. Spruce Up Your Tree with a Tree Ring. Create a brick tree ring to give your trees a bit more curb appeal.
  6. Build an Outdoor Fireplace. You can use your outdoor fireplace as a grill or a comfy place to hang out with the family.
  7. Hide Planters. Creating brick boxes to hide your planters can help your potted plants fit seamlessly into your outdoor space.
  8. Create an Herb Spiral. A brick herb spiral is a great way to show off your plants and herbs in a smaller space.
  9. Line Your Walkway. Adding bricks to a stone or concrete walkway can make your space look more finished, improving your outdoor image.
  10. Build a Birdbath Pedestal. Use old bricks to create a pedestal for your birdbath.
  11. Edge Your Garden Beds. Bricks can help separate your garden from the rest of your yard and protect your soil.
  12. Make Unique Planters. Old bricks can be beautifully repurposed into small plant holders or even candle holders.

Including your old bricks into your next outdoor project can help you create the home of your dreams. For additional tips on how to repurpose your old bricks, or if you’re looking for assistance throughout your project, contact Island Block & Masonry Supply at 631.443.4521. We can help you through your next outdoor project in the tri-state area.


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