Bagged Material for Masonry Projects Available

We only stock the highest quality products at Island Block and Masonry Supply, the tri-state area’s premier supplier for all of your masonry supply needs. Located in Wyndanch, New York, we have everything you need for your residential or commercial masonry project.

Since 1947, we have been providing the tri-state area with concrete block from the same location.. With a complete line of concrete block manufactured on site and the delivery equipment to meet your project’s needs, we are the first-rate choice for contractors and homeowners alike.

We have a wide selection of all the bagged materials workers and do-it-yourselfers would ever need for their masonry projects.

Here is a sampling of bagged products that we offer:

  • Portland cement
  • Mortar type n&s
  • Fine sand
  • Concrete sand
  • Polymeric joint sand
  • Dark mortar
  • White mortar
  • White Portland
  • Cement, Lime
  • Calcium chloride

We are happy to help residents, business people and all contractors throughout the tri state area with all of their block and masonry needs. For the last 60 years, we have run a family-oriented business with a strong emphasis on stellar customer service.

Over the years we have seen many people come in looking for top quality bagged materials that they can’t seem to find elsewhere. Be assured that when you shop with Island Block and Masonry Supply, you are only getting the best quality products that anyone can buy- the same quality materials that professional contractors use onsite.

We also carry the masonry tools you need for any project. Every project throughout the Tri State area and beyond has specific needs, and may require different tools to get the job done. We have everything you need to complete your project on your timeline and above-and-beyond results. We assure you we can find what you need- if we don’t have it in stock when you call, we will order it.

There is a reason why we are still the number one masonry and block choice since 1947. If you do not see the particular item you need in our above list of materials, please call us at 631-443-4521. Our block and masonry specialists will obtain what you need and make your project one step easier!


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