• Bagged Material for Masonry Projects Available

    We only stock the highest quality products at Island Block and Masonry Supply, the tri-state area’s premier supplier for all of your masonry supply needs. Located in Wyndanch, New York, we have everything you need for your residential or commercial masonry project. Since 1947, we have been providing the tri-state area with concrete block from […]

  • Customize Your Home with Paving Stones

    Have you recently moved into a new home and need to add some of your own customized style to spruce things up and put your own mark on new construction? Or have you resided in your home for decades and think it’s time for an outdoor facelift to add curb appeal because you are planning […]

  • Key Ingredient Enforces Paver Strength

    One of the quality paving stone manufacturers we offer here at Island Block & Masonry Supply is Cambridge Paving Stones with ArmorTec. You will rarely hear us refer to Cambridge without mentioning ArmorTec, which is a key ingredient in Cambridge’s proprietary mixing process. This part of the process is essential to Cambridge’s name, as it is a […]

  • Making a Statement with Paving Stones

    For those tri state homeowners with artistic inclinations, there is no outdoor remodeling choice better than paving stones. With the use of large, small, textured and smooth stones, you can create a look that’s all your own. In addition to the beautiful area the stones lend to your outdoor space, pavers are popular choices for […]

  • Large Stones in Small Places

    When we’re talking pavers, it may be surprising to some that bigger is better — but it’s because contemporary designs are trending that way. Patio pavers have been increasing in size over the last few years. As different modern design aesthetic emerge, the classic paver styles of cobble and tumbled brick pavers are still popular, […]

  • Fire Pit Safety Overview

    It’s almost summertime and summers in the tri state areas are At Island Block & Masonry Supply, we have plenty of outdoor remodeling inspiration for the warmer months, but one of the most popular items once Memorial Day hits are fire pits and fire pit kits. Paving stone manufacturers such as Cambridge sell pre-made firepits […]

  • Fire Pit Features for Family Fun

    Whether you find your family constantly entertaining company or are in need of a way to warm up without heading indoors on chilly summer nights, a fire pit can help set any mood and solve a variety of problems. From roasting marshmallows, to sitting by the fire with a glass of wine or with children […]

  • Utlizing Outdoor Space to Your Best Advantage

    We know everyone in the tri state area is more than ready to welcome the warmer seasons, but is your yard ready? It’s almost spring, so it’s time to think about how your outdoor space can be better utilized — and it never hurts to add some curb appeal, even if just for your own […]

  • Paving Stones Great Choice for Tri State Residential Communities

    A paving stone driveway, walkway and/or patio may be offered as part of a landscaping package at some residential developments. A community abundant with paving stone features and other hardscaping conveys a unique aesthetic when compared with neighboring residential communities that have poured concrete driveways, gravel, or other materials. The homebuyer consults with the builders […]

  • How Pavers Survive the Tri State’s Freeze-Thaw Cycle

    Punxsutawney Phil told us that there’s six more weeks of winter now added onto what seems like an already lengthy frigid season. Between the shovels, snow-blowers, de-icers, and sprinkling salt on your driveway, walkway and steps, there is a lot for homeowners in the Northeast to take care of when it comes to the snowy […]