Borders and Hardscape Lighting Options

In our most recent blog we discussed the benefits of paving stone driveways (and other projects), especially for homes in the tri-state area, which are subjected to harsh winters, flooding and other weather woes. One such advantage being the affordability, long lifespan compared to concrete and asphalt, and the minimal maintenance required.

We’ll continue to build on the theme of the last blog: Tips to help you decide which products fit your project needs best, as well as some fun addition to seemingly standard outdoor remodeling to make your home stand out- adding curb appeal and a fun flair to your property.

Add a border

A paving stone driveway, patio or other project is beautiful in and of itself, especially with Cambridge’s fade-proof colors- the other product lines we carry also come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, with kits and other fun additions available.

Borders allow you to customize and personalize your projects by choosing different color pavers, or different size or shape pavers, to outline the outer edge of your patio or driveway. This allows you to customize the shape of your project- creating a square, circle or curbed pattern.

Fire pits look amazing with a circular border consisting of different colored stones than on the “interior” side of the project.

Accent on lights!

A “sunken” hangout spot made of pavers with seating and a firepit in the middle is an awesome addition to any outdoor area, but adding landscape lighting  takes your project up a notch and adds a magical element to your yard in the night.

We offer hardscape lighting options, including AC-powered models that work beautifully with any project that uses Cambridge pavingstones or wallstones, like an outdoor living room. We also have Cambridge Solar Lights for pavers.

Let the experts at Island Block and Masonry Supply work with you to determine what type of projects work with your property, guide you through the process of picking out products and help you with all of your paving stone and masonry needs. We’re here to help anyone in the tri-state area! Give us a call at 631-443-4521, contact us via this online form or visit our Long Island, NY location.


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