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  • Top Tips for a Problem-Free DIY Paver Patio

    We may be the experts when it comes to all things paving stone-related, but as many of you may know, you can find a wealth of inspiration and information online on sites like Pinterest and numerous other social media platforms. We encourage residents of the tri-state area to contact us here at Island Block & […]

  • Paver Patio DIY Project Guide

    In Part I of our Do It Yourself Paving Stone Patio Project Tips blog, we shared a plan that would help do-it-yourselfers get started on strategizing and implementing their paver patio projects. As we said, these types of DIY projects require a lot of work- and patience- so we divided the process up among a […]

  • New York Permeable Paver Projects

    We’ve already discussed the environmental benefits of permeable pavers, specifically in the tri-state region. Although sustainability may not be what drives property owners to initiate an outdoor project, pavers and other outdoor elements offer some monetary and environmental benefits. There has been a boost in “green” building and property development practices over the last decade […]

  • Fun and Different Uses for Pavers

    Those considering outdoor projects can find more information than they would ever need online, and following successful do-it-yourselfers on Pinterest, Instagram and other social media can help even the least creative people jumpstart their imagination. Our project experts at Island Block & Masonry Supply know that our customers from Long Island and beyond have some […]

  • Restoring Your Driveway after the Harsh Winter

    Not only can the winter take its toll on your patience, but it can cause some hardships along the way for homeowners. Even though the winter can be tough to drive in, your driveway has probably suffered the consequences as well. As the ice and snow begin melting, your asphalt driveway winds up with a […]

  • Don’t Forget About Washing Your Patio Too

    Just like you would vacuum the floors inside of your home and dust your furniture, you have to take the time to clean your patio as well. You want to make sure it is clean and looking its best at all times. Start during the early part of spring to begin preparing your space for […]

  • Choosing the Right Material for Your Patio

    Choosing the Right Material for Your Patio Concrete No one wants to look at a boring piece of concrete when sitting out on the patio. However, if you are adamant about using it, consider going with a stamped pattern complete with dye coloring to provide you with a more natural appearance. It’s important that you […]

  • Consider Adding Brick to the Outside of Your Home

    Brick home exteriors might be more costly initially for your home, but the advantages they bring to the table are well worth the expense. Installing a proper drainage system to your home will allow you to reap the rewards of this durable material for years to come. In the long run, having brick on the […]

  • Save Money and Beautify the Home with Stone Veneers

    For contractors, homeowners, designers and architects, hearing about a hot new trend in design is one of the most exciting things around when building or remodeling a home. Beyond learning about the trend, finding out about how cost-effective it is only adds to the level of excitement. To transform the look and feel of your […]