Celebrate Fall with a New Fire Pit

We provided readers with some of our top safety tips for outdoor fires early in the summer. Now that the weather in New York and the tri-state area is finally cooling down, those tips are more fitting than ever. Hopefully you have already purchased, or are thinking of purchashing one of the fire pit and fire table kits we offer here at Island Block & Masonry Supply on Long Island. Backyard fire and barbecue kits can be enjoyed year round, but have are especially novel during the colder months, allowing you and your family and guests to lounge around in your beautifully hardscaped outdoor space through the fall and even the winter while keeping warm with a Cambridge fire pit you constructed from a pit kit!

Fire pits created from interlocking concrete pavers are especially beautiful and functional due to their ability to match and highlight the existing pavers patio, wallstone system or other features that will together to create an outdoor living space that’s as close to a living room as possible. Our summers in New York and the surrounding areas are short enough, why not utilize the space you have and install a fire pit or a fire table. Not only are they rather wallet-friendly, everything you need for a pit or table comes as a package deal with a ready-to-install pit. Cutting costs on installation and minimizing or hopefully reducing all aggravation associated with those other pesky DIY projects.

Cambridge kits are available for round and square fire pit and tables, as well as gas and wood-burning models, available with an optional barbecue grate for grilling meats or toasting those marshmallows.

We offer Cambridge gas-burning fire pit kits in the Pyzique collection (round), as well as the Olde English collection. For a more campfire-like experience, try a Cambridge wood-burning fire pit kits. We have them in Olde English Square, Olde English Round (made with Olde English wallstones), the MaytRx Square, and the Pyzique Round Barbeque & Fire Pit Kit- all prepackaged.

Whether you already have a beautifully hard-scaped backyard with a paver patio, walls, and tree and garden rings, or your outdoor space needs some major TLC, a fire pit is a great way to liven up your yard and make it a livable space year round.


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