Consider Adding Brick to the Outside of Your Home

Brick home exteriors might be more costly initially for your home, but the advantages they bring to the table are well worth the expense. Installing a proper drainage system to your home will allow you to reap the rewards of this durable material for years to come. In the long run, having brick on the exterior of your home could end up helping you reap a profit later on down the line.

Brick tends to function completely different than that of traditional siding. When insulation combines with the brick exterior, the insulation serves as a barrier to protect you from the heat or the cold. Brick works to stabilize the temperatures inside of the home by delaying the passage of any heat through your walls. In the summertime, the hottest temps of the day won’t be able to make it inside of your home as quickly as if you were in a home composed of a lightweight material. During the cool winter months, the interior sides of your walls will work to absorb and re-disburse the heat inside of the home.

Beyond the occasional issue with drainage, brick homes are quite easy to maintain. For the first two-and-a-half decades, brick homes only require the homeowner to wash them down on occasion with a simple hose. After that time, any chipped or loose bricks might need to be repaired. Homeowners with brick on the outside aren’t going to have to worry about decay or painting. Brick homes also tend to be resistant to fire, weather, termites and many other things that a traditional home isn’t. When you factor in the resistant elements, the cost of your insurance is going to be minimal.

Even though you might have to spend more initially for brick on the outside of your home, it can end up increasing the value of your home by as much as 6 percent. You might also find that you are going to save a lot of money on home repairs, insurance and maintenance. Since many people enjoy the look of brick on the outside of the home, it can also increase your curb appeal. When people like what they see from the outside, there is a good chance that a potential buyer is going to come in and take a look inside. Brick tends to be quite versatile in that it will compliment a variety of different home decors.


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