Creating the Illusion of a Bigger Yard with Pavers and Decor

Though the tri-state area features countless large pieces of property, but there are perhaps just as many residents who don’t have a lot of property to work with as ones who do. Those who have a small amount of outdoor space are well aware of the challenges that come with a petite property lot. Make the most of the space you do have by following the below tips.

It’s all an illusion!

Bring the contractor who is installing your paving stone patio in to talk strategy before measuring everything out. Making a space seem bigger is almost as good as having a bigger space! It could be as simple as angling pavers at a certain angle to give a sort the illusion of a larger area. Sometimes larger pavers can make an area appear bigger.

Create a focal point.

One larger or “statement piece” is helpful when planning the layout of a small space. When decorating, consider a waterfall or outdoor furniture, such as a comfortable couch or functional table. This draws the eye to that determined area and detracts from the actual size of your overall space.

Step it up.

Install a step or even a couple of steps. Differing elevations make your space seem more roomy, while giving the illusion of various rooms and levels- maybe even creating a little “VIP” area!

Scale accordingly.

It’s not aesthetically pleasing to place large items in small yards. Rather than a king-sized barbecue, people with property that’s on the smaller side should look to purchase and install amenities that add to the function or overall beauty of the space. Such items are a fire pit (for toasting marshmallows!), or smaller tables, like Cambridge Pre-Packaged Patio Pub & Bistro Table Kits.

Keep landscaping to a minimum.

We’re all for lush greenery and beautiful flowers and bushes, but too much landscaping can easily overwhelm smaller spaces and make guests feel crowded.

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