DIY Retaining Wall – Things to Consider

Brave “Do-It-Yourselfers” across the tri-state area gladly accept the challenge of many home improvement and outdoor remodeling DIY projects. Paving stone projects lend themselves nicely to DIY types because the process, depending on the specific project and property layout, has the potential to be pretty simple.

When it comes to retaining walls, which are built with paving stones- also known as precast concrete pavers- there are no limits to the applications of this structure. They can function as the back of seating around a fire pit, as a way to hold back soil on sloped land, as the perimeter or a patio, the sides of a driveway, and the list goes on and on.

The less “work” the wall has to do, the easier it is for the DIY-inclined to take on a project. Meaning, if the wall is more for aesthetic effect that functioning use (seating, soil holding, etc.), it is a much more simple project. For more complication structures, consider enlisting the help of the professionals at Island Block & Masonry Supply.

We are experts in anything related to paving stone and masonry projects and enjoy consulting with our customers on their DIY projects, whether it’s helping them pick out products or referring them to knowledgeable engineers and builders.

Here are some quick tips for starting your retaining wall project:

Scope of the paving stone project

How big is the area where you would like to install the wall? How how would you like the wall to be? Do you want to include seating? Will the wall be holding soil, or is its only function to define that space? Make sure you know the answers to these questions before anything else.

Retaining wall layout

Design the wall by marking the area. For a freeform layout, a rope or string is fine to outline the general shape. If you want crisp lines, you will need to get more specific and mark the “bed” with paint, stakes and string. Gently drag a shovel on the perimeter to mark the walls outline.

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