Enjoy the Outdoors Longer with Cambridge Fire Pit Kits

There are few things more relaxing than sitting in front of a roaring fire. Of course, cuddling indoors on the couch is always great, but fire pits allow you to bring the fun outdoors, and keep it going nearly all year round. Long Island and the rest of the tri state area go from balmy, to breezy, to chilly quite quickly, and a little heat from a fire pit can go a long way, giving you the ability to utilize your outdoor space for more of the year- through the fall and even the winter.

Have you always wished your backyard felt more like a posh campground? Roast those marshmallows and cook countless hot dogs in style with a Cambridge fire pit/table kit of your choice.

Island Block & Masonry Supply offers a variety of ready-to-assemble fire pit kits to use in conjunction with a retaining wall or patio project, or on its own. There are several kits to choose from, whether you prefer gas or wood-burning fires, and you can even choose from a ‘table’ or a ‘pit.’

Before we give you the rundown of the Cambridge kits available at Island Block & Masonry supply, we want to provide you with some safety tips for outdoor fires. According to HGTV, a fire pit should be installed no less than 10 feet away from any structure or combustible surface. Always check the weather forecast before lighting a fire outdoors, since winds can blow embers. Keep informed on any burn bans or burn ordinances that may go into effect at different times of the year. It’s also important to keep combustible materials, such as leaves, away from the pit or table to prevent accidental spreading of the fire.

Cambridge Fire Pit and Fire Table Kits

Now that we’ve covered the basic safety guidelines, here’s a look at some of the products we offer.

Fully assembled Cambridge Gas Fire Table, made with Cambridge Olde English Wallstones. This kit is meant for use with Natural Gas, and there is a Liquid Propane Conversion Kit available. This 24″ Penta Burner produces an even flame that burns in a flower-like pattern.  Kit includes Lava Rocks, Glass Fire Beads optional.

Available for separate order are Cambridge Glass Fire Beads, which are specially designed, oval-shaped, linear beads that reflect light and sparkle when the flame is lit.  The unique shape of these beads allows flames to move freely between each bead, creating a dancing, liquid-like display. The beads are available in Diamond, Aqua and Emerald, but all three can be mixed to create your own unique design.

Gas Burning Fire Pits available include the Pre-Packaged Cambridge Pyzique Round Gas Fire Pit Kit, and the Pre-Packaged Cambridge Olde English Round Gas Fire Pit Kit.

If you’d rather have something more akin to a campfire, then you would probably choose a wood burning fire pit. Here are the wood-burning fire pit kits available:

  • Pre-Packaged Olde English Square Fire Pit Kit
  • Pre-Packaged Olde English Round Fire Pit Kit, which is made with Olde English Wallstones.
  • Pre-Packaged MaytRx Square Fire Pit Kit
  • Pre-Packaged Pyzique Round Barbeque & Fire Pit Kit

Each has an optional grate insert turns that turns your fire pit into a BBQ.

Contact Island Block & Masonry Supply at 631-443-4521 for more information on the fire pit and fire table kits available.


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