FAQs: Paver Driveways

Whether you’re moving into a newly constructed home or would like to redo your driveway, brick pavers are a great way to add something special to your outdoor space, giving your home a well-maintained appearance while requiring minimal maintenance.

Here are some frequently asked questions potential customers have about paving stone driveways.

Are paving stones a good option for my driveway?

Well first, what are the other options? Concrete and asphalt. Both of these materials can develop unsightly cracks and hollow areas in a short amount of time, and the repairs aren’t cheap. The damage causes the surface to have uneven spots, which poses a safety risk for everyone who walks on the driveway.

How do pavers stand up to the harsh winters we experience on Long Island and in the greater tri state area?

Pavers- individual concrete bricks- are denser and therefore more durable than concrete slabs, which don’t have the ability to flex, making them more likely to crack due to weather damage and regular use. As the freezing winter turns into spring, the freeze thaw won’t cause the pavers to crack. Pavers will flex, allowing the driveway with a fair amount “give” to recover from the freeze.

What protects the pavers from weather damage and normal wear-and-tear?

Cambridge pavingstones are made ArmorTec, a proprietary blend that protects the pavers from the inside out. Mixed into every paver, ArmorTec acts as a defense against weather damage and wear-and-tear. So vehicles pulling in and out of the driveway, kids running around and riding on skateboards won’t wear down the pavers; and the product is ski and slip resistant. De-icing salts and snow plows also won’t chip Cambridge pavingstones, thanks to ArmorTec. Other product lines we offer include Nicolock Paving Stones made with Paver-Shield. This shield provides an ultra dense surface that gives the pavers vibrant, long-lasting color and enhanced protection from the elements.

How much maintenance is required with a pavingstone driveway?

When you have a pavers driveway, you don’t have to stress about upkeep. There’s really not much maintenance involved. Cambridge with ArmorTec pavers, for instance, require minimal care. Since super fine sand granules, granite and high quality cement is used in the manufacturing process, there won’t be any cracks, dips or hollow areas in driveways featuring Cambridge pavers.

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