Fire Pit Safety Overview

It’s almost summertime and summers in the tri state areas are At Island Block & Masonry Supply, we have plenty of outdoor remodeling inspiration for the warmer months, but one of the most popular items once Memorial Day hits are fire pits and fire pit kits.

Paving stone manufacturers such as Cambridge sell pre-made firepits as well firepit kits for assembly by the buyer. Each option allows for personalization.

We tell our customers that we recommend they first examine the space in which they wish to put the fire pit or fire table. The area should be level, and if it’s not naturally that way, there are a variety of ways to create stable, even ground.

In general, the products can reach up to about 45 inches or slightly higher in diameter. It’s a good practice to place the fire pit a good seven feet away from your home, fence or other permanent items. After all, you need space to create a seating area or two around the fire. While seating benches crafted from paving stones doesn’t necessarily need to be that length away, it’s still necessary that there’s enough room for the family or company to move about freely in the area.

To get the most out of your firepit, and to keep things clean and safe, always place the feature downwind from the prevailing winds where you live. Not only does this prevent smoke from irritating the people gathered ‘round, but it also keeps sparks from traveling and making way toward your home, your neighbor’s or landscaping.

When it comes time to choose the materials and product types you’d like for the pit, it’s usually dependent on your decision to have a pit that can be moved if you want it in different areas at different times, or a more permanent feature.

Fire pit options that “stay in place” include concrete block and veneer stone. The ability to choose from a multitude of colors, shapes, styles and finishes make paving stone fire pit kits and paving stone fire pits and tables the best choice for so many. With the range of vibrant colors available, it’s easy and fun to choose the combination that will complement your home and decor.

Has all this fire pit talk sparked an idea for an outdoor remodeling project in your own backyard? Contact the experts at Island Block & Masonry Supply for a free consultation, or call us at 631-443-4521.


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