Fun and Different Uses for Pavers

Those considering outdoor projects can find more information than they would ever need online, and following successful do-it-yourselfers on Pinterest, Instagram and other social media can help even the least creative people jumpstart their imagination. Our project experts at Island Block & Masonry Supply know that our customers from Long Island and beyond have some pretty great ideas when it comes to exploring unique and fun ways to use pavers besides creating a beautiful driveway, patio or walkway with them. We have gathered some of our favorite ideas for out-of-the-box paver applications, whether you’re using leftover pavers from a project or buying them specifically to test out a new and exciting idea.

Place Pavers on Grassy Areas

Placing pavers around a section of outdoor space at random or in a specific design- while leaving grass poking up between them- is a great way to intersperse something unexpected into a garden area or unused chunk of land. The pavers, especially bigger-sized ones like we have available at Island Block through certain Cambridge collections provide an even surface for chair and table legs if you would like to add some furniture to the space. This approach also works well from a design standpoint, it just looks nice to have grass and stone together- natural, yet classy.

Frame Loose Pavers with Accent Stones

Again, larger pavers have numerous fun and functional uses: stepping stones, stand-alone surfaces for potted plants or statues, or just sprucing up your outdoor space with some design elements. Instead of leaving grass poking up between them, try filling the space between larger pavers with accent stones, which you can fix in place using concrete or just loose pebbles. Loose pebbles would allow water to drain easily and you won’t have to worry about keeping the grass healthy between pavers or having water pooling up in the area.

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