Hardscaping Project Tips for All Types of Property

Winter is well on its way, but that doesn’t mean the outdoor areas of your property have to suffer! The leaves continue to fall off the trees and your summer plants are in hibernation, so now is the time to approach outdoor remodeling from a new perspective. Paving stones are impermeable to the colder weather, so considering installing or updating hardscaping is the a great winter project.

Incorporating pavers into your outdoor space a smart move for residents and businesses in the tri state area because these products are hassle-free and low-maintenance all year round.

Here are a few suggestions for incorporating pavers into backyards, front yards, garden areas and commercial property.

Artistic additions

Lining your dining area with pavers create a beautiful designs and allow for easier cleanup. Playing with different shapes and layouts make your paver patio more than merely a covering for the ground; it adds an aesthetic element to the space that is more art installation than floor. Paver seating benches, retaining walls and borders allow homeowners to create different outdoor areas divided up in a stunning manner, regardless of the amount of space they have to worth with.


Installing paving stones around the perimeter of a space or structure, like a shed or playhouse, can add a finishing touch to an outdoor feature that needed that extra “oomph” to look ready for company, for play or for sale!

Paver pathways

Paving stone pathways don’t have to lead to anywhere in particular to add a fun element to your outdoor space. A small garden, fire pit, or even a winding path to the area where you store your trash cans can be made more magical by laying individual large slab pavers or having a paver walkway installed.

Different levels

A small garden area with some shade provided by towering trees, a path to a waterfall or fountain area or paver steps down into a fire pit. Varying levels create cozy hangouts, and it’s not even necessary they serve a purpose other than relaxation or reflection. Using pavers creatively to form different levels have the potential make smaller outdoor spaces seem larger. 

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