Keeping Paver Hardscaping in Top Shape

Spring may signify “rebirth” but it seems that summertime is when everything in the great outdoors grows like a weed, especially weeds! With proper installation it is unlikely weeds will pop up between paving stones, but keeping control of your yard and the various plant life and wildlife (meaning kids, family and company) may mean you have to do more cleaning up during the summer months than any other time of year, especially in the tri state area, where the summers are the time for outdoor fun.

While it is uncommon for weeds or grass to sprout up in the spaces of your paving stone patio or walkway, there’s an easy fix that most pros swear by: a bit a white vinegar and a touch of dish soap in a spray bottle. This mixture will eliminate any vegetation that has tried to make itself known and also will curb any mold growth.

For most homeowners, it’s common practice to keep a clean outdoor space. This means that your patio, walkway and other outdoor areas are swept clean of dirt and leaves. Less clutter means it’s less likely that grass seeds or anything of the like will sprout. A little sweeping on a regular basis can save you a lot of hassle over time.

Spraying your paver patio with a hose (with a nice adjustable spray nozzle attached at the end) now and then will help keep the pavers clean and free of debris. Between kids and pets tracking dirt around, and little critters here and there, your patio or walkway is bound to get a little messy when everyone is spending more time outdoors. A quick spray on a low setting will wash dirt away. If necessary, take some hot water and a touch of dish soap to lightly scrub any areas where dirt has settled in.

At Island Block & Masonry Supply, we strive to provide our customers with the best advice and guidance to maintain their paving stones for a lifetime. We pride ourselves on our longstanding customer-focused reputation and we love helping you! We are very appreciative to the tri state community for their business and thank our loyal, longtime patrons as well as newbies to our Long Island showroom.


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