Key Ingredient Enforces Paver Strength

One of the quality paving stone manufacturers we offer here at Island Block & Masonry Supply is Cambridge Paving Stones with ArmorTec. You will rarely hear us refer to Cambridge without mentioning ArmorTec, which is a key ingredient in Cambridge’s proprietary mixing process. This part of the process is essential to Cambridge’s name, as it is a must in the manufacture of each and every one of the company’s paving stones.

Rather than being applied to the exterior of the stone, Armortec is mixed into the product itself, protecting the stones that Island Block & Masonry Supply uses to create your dream outdoor remodeling projects — everything from driveways, and retaining walls, to patios and walkways. ArmorTec protects your pavers from the elements we experience harshly here in the tri state area – blocking damages from inclement weather and normal wear-and-tear.

Forget about chipping and scraping marks other materials may incur with the use of de-icing salts and snow plowing. In addition to giving each Cambridge paving stone a smooth and gorgeous finish that lasts a lifetime, ArmorTec enables Cambridge pavers to be skid and slip proof — an absolute must when used for pool coping and patios, as well as driveways…we all know kids love to frolic in the sprinkler in the front yard!

Buyers love the easy return on investment they get when they purchase Cambridge Paving Stones. The proprietary material infused into each paver makes them more durable than competitor products. This creates a great deal of satisfaction on behalf of the buyer and is considered a wonderful investment the majority of the time. One that you and your family or business can enjoy for a lifetime.

We all dream about having that perfect outdoor oasis we can escape to after long days or weeks of work, or on those lazy summer days where the sun is shining and we would do anything to take a dip in the pool and not have to worry about slipping or splinters.

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