Masonry and Landscape Materials: Gravel

There are a number of masonry materials that homeowners, commercial property managers and business owners can choose to add hardscaping elements to the property. While the choices are many, not every material is an appropriate fit for every application.

Gravel has a wide array of applications, and many property owners choose to use gravel as the primary ground hardscaping element in their landscape, or incorporate the material into their plans in some way. Why? Gravel and small stones are a relatively quick and easy way to create a functional and design-friendly path, driveway, patio or the like. The use of loose-material hardscaping, such as gravel can be used in basically any area of your yard, and usually is much faster option than many other products.

Poured concrete has the potential to be a complicated, “painful” process, so gravel is much simpler. People can even choose to create a pathway with gravel, and use some stepping stones, or round or square aggregate pavers to create a more even footpath for their families and guests.

An advantage of gravel is that is a great option for area that can see heavy rains and need a material to led the rain through, help to drain and not to collect. The ease of permeability enables gravel to be a sound option for people concerned about water collection and runoff on their property.

Gravel usually “performs” best when there is a border or rigid edge surrounding the area in which it is laid. This prevents the gravel pieces from spreading throughout the yard, as sometimes you may have some kids or pets come crashing through and creating a bit of a mess.

All of that being said, gravel may not be the most high end choice when it comes to curb appeal, but it does the trick. Tri state area residents should definitely keep in mind that gravel isn’t a good fit for driveways and patios since we experience harsh winters with plenty of snow – and it’s not easy to remove snow from gravel…without taking all of the gravel with it!

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