Maximizing Outdoor Space with Hardscaping

In the tri state area, we know that real estate comes at a premium. Regardless of whether you own a home and have minimal property or live in an apartment or condo and only have a small fenced in area to work with, hardscaping can be a great option to maximize the space you do have.

Fencing, thin retaining walls and walkways can really shape a space, also creating a more functional use of your small backyard. Showcase your small garden, hanging plants and other landscape features without confining yourself and your guests with paving stone elements that will bring out the best.

Streamline your space with similar materials

When every square inch you have is precious, it’s important to streamline your design and materials as much as possible. In an effort to keep your space as uncluttered as possible, it’s best to use similar or identical materials for, say, your walkway and your patio. In other words, using brick for one and concrete or limestone for another area can give the appearance of a cluttered space very, very quickly.

Elevate it

Patios in small spaces tend to seem larger when the surface is elevated above the ground. Sometimes, even a few feet above grade may be the wisest choice. When you have an elevated patio, then of course you will need to add stairs. This also tends to make your space seem even bigger. Forget about messy mud, being elevated also helps keeps things neat and clean, and with the stairs as the addition, the whole look really comes together to make your yard appear far larger than before.

Contact us at Island Block & Masonry Supply or come visit our showroom on Long Island, located conveniently close to all the tri state area. We can show you examples of stunning paving stone projects! We can’t wait to work with you, and help you build a beautiful outdoor space that will put a smile on your face for years to come.


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