Outdoor Living Trends for Summer 2015

It’s nearly summer, and that means that tri-state area residents will be spending a lot more time outdoors. Installing a paving stone patio or walkway, creating a sunken seating area with pavers and a paving stone fire pit are just a few ways those who live in the northeast can take advantage of the warmer months by creating an outdoor space for entertaining and everyday use.

While paving stones have a timeless look, and the fade and color-proof formula helps them retain their vitality for years, there are some trends that vary year to year when it comes to outdoor remodeling and design.

Cooking components, multi-level gardens, fountains, fire pit kits are becoming more popular every year as homeowners enjoy the lifestyle for which these features provide.

It’s not just outdoor living that is on the up and up, paving stone driveways, columns and steps are some projects people take on to enhance the front of their property, greatly boosting the home’s curb appeal.

Cambridge, a manufacturer of paving stone products we carry here at Island Block & Masonry Supply, noted on its site that using paving stones in various ways can help you build the illusion of a bigger space.

Larger pavers on a small space can make the area seem more roomy.

Cambridge Pavingstones produce many options for larger-size pavers, as well as cast stone slabs, and steps and stepping stones.

The layout of pavers can also affect how big the space appears.

Cambridge recommends laying paving stones at a 45-degree angle with the widest part of the pattern facing the entrance side of the space.

The experts at Island Block & Masonry Supply work with clients throughout the tri state area on a variety of outdoor remodeling projects. Visit our showroom and we will personally help you determine the products that best suit your space, project wishlist and budget.

We also work with businesses and organizations on countless commercial projects. Whether homeowners or a business owners, we love working with our clients to help build their dream outdoor space that will last for years to come, increase function and improve the aesthetic quality of your property.


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