Paving Stone DIY Mistakes to Avoid

People choose paving stones for a variety of reasons, and while it’s possible to install paving stones yourself for a patio, driveway, walkway, garden borders or the like, it does take some planning and skill. Also patience is a necessity when working with these convenient and beautiful outdoor remodeling features!

Vibrant colors used by brands such as Cambridge and Nicolock, as well as slip-resistant surfaces (perfect for walkways and project surrounding the pool area), along with relative ease of installation make paving stones a great choice for your outdoor project. Pavers last a lifetime, making the initial investment more than worth it.

Uneven ground is mistake number one when it comes to a DIY paving stone project, regardless of the scope. When removing the dirt in the section where you plan to lay the pavers, the ground absolutely must be even. This is especially true if you are clearing the area for paver steps. Starting off on a slope can equal disaster.

Think of the angle this way: each step should be angled down slightly, if anything, but there are exact angles you will have to meet that are different for each individual project. Installing paver steps at the wrong angle can result in the pooling of water when it rains, which can gradually wear on the foundation beneath the pavers.

A rocky foundation is another “no-no.” Regardless of how it might appear, the dirt and soil beneath the foundation on which you plan to lay your pavers must be sturdy. Laying down product on anything other than a rock-solid (not a “rocky”) base will cause the soil to resettle and the pavers will shift significantly.

Many professionals advise do-it-yourselfers to smooth out and tamp down a thick bed of sand before installing pavers. It may even make more sense to lay down very compact layer or two of gravel, followed by a bed of sand for an extra secure foundation.

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