Paving Stone Patio Planning for Tri State DIY Enthusiasts

We came across a few things that do-it-yourselfers should keep in mind for easy paving stone patio installation on the DIY Network site. We outlined some of the highlights below for you to consider as you choose between the variety of quality product lines we offer at Island Block & Masonry Supply, such as Cambridge, Nicolock, Boral and Unilock.

Pavers make for efficient projects. It’s much easier to keep your project on a tight timeline when you use products specifically made for outdoor wear and tear, such as Cambridge Paving Stones with ArmorTec or Nicolock Paver-Shield Pavers. Easy to install AND easy to maintain makes for an easy process overall, and the affordable cost and simple repairs are kind to your budget and clock. Fix damaged pavers one at a time and there’s no need to re-seal, as these products are made with a proprietary mixture that seals from the inside out.

Beware plumbing, cable and electrical lines. It’s smart to avoid any potential major blunders by thinking ahead and giving your local utilities a call- have them somehow mark any of the above PRIOR to planning out your patio area. When it comes to planning the space for your paver patio, it’s necessary to dig down a few inches, about 6 inches or so, before any installation begins.

Landscaping cloth is your friend in the battle against weeds. This special cloth serves as a barrier between the soil and the base you will lay for your paver patio. Without this barrier, you would be welcoming weeds and other uninvited guests to show up and ruin your paver party. Here’s the formula DIY Network provides to calculate the amount of cloth you will need: Multiply the length by the width and add 10 percent.

Tamper the base. Don’t throw some sand on the designated project area and call it a day. You need to tightly pack the base using a compactor/tamper. Give your paver patio the best chance of staying damage free by starting with a level, smooth playing field so to speak. The more tightly packed the base, the more level the pavers will lay and the better quality your patio will be.

At Island Block & Masonry Supply, our goal is guiding residents of the Tri State area on the path to creating truly stellar and one-of-a-kind paver projects, whether Long Island people and businesses want a paver driveway, need a commercial project completed or simply want some garden borders for their outdoor space. Visit our showroom or call 631-443-4521 to speak to our experts.


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