Paving Stone Project Considerations

An asphalt or concrete driveway may serve its purpose, but it usually doesn’t look so pretty or add any value to your home. Residents of the tri-state especially have to consider how rough winter weather will affect their outdoor projects.

In time, concrete can crack and show major signs of wear and tear. It’s not only cracking you have to worry about with concrete, but also stains from oils and other chemicals it may be exposed to since many people park their car in the driveway, or if they have a garage, at least their guests do. As for asphalt, there’s maintenance involved: every few years you would have to have it resealed, and for asphalt driveways you’re looking at an average lifespan of approximately 10 years less than concrete.

But what about pavers? Paving stones have the longest lifespan of the three materials and require the least maintenance, in addition to being more visibly appealing than the other two.

One of the most appealing parts of choosing to have a paver driveway installed is that it is totally customizable. Take advantage of all the benefits that come along with choosing paving stones for your driveway, walkways, patio, garden border, retaining wall or other project by picking out the right color, shape and size combinations that fit your style and project best.

We have a few tips for you that will help guide you through the process of picking out products for your outdoor remodeling project, whether it be a driveway or pool coping.

When trying to determine which products here at Island Block and Masonry Supply best fit the needs of your project, consider the area for your chosen project:

How big is the space?

What is the shape- is a circular area or a rectangular spot?

As a general rule, smaller individual pavers work better in smaller spaces like a little nook or narrow garden pathway for instance.

Larger pavers are better for a bigger area, like a patio or driveway.

If you want your project to showcase your unique sense of style, try a pattern consisting of various paver sizes.

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