Paving Stones Great Choice for Tri State Residential Communities

A paving stone driveway, walkway and/or patio may be offered as part of a landscaping package at some residential developments. A community abundant with paving stone features and other hardscaping conveys a unique aesthetic when compared with neighboring residential communities that have poured concrete driveways, gravel, or other materials.

The homebuyer consults with the builders in order to determine the type of paving stones that best meets their needs in terms of product line, color, texture and overall style. While the homes in some communities may be very similar in layout, anything to differentiate one house from another is viewed as a positive for a potential homebuyer.

Even when your neighbors’ outdoor design features pavers, no two designs and uses have to be alike. Countless applications exist for this multi-use item. Privacy and class are what pavers bring to the table, especially if these paver products are used throughout the community, even in varying degrees.

Pavers have a reputation for enabling homeowners to put their personal stamp on their home without straying from the theme of their community. They can vastly improve curb appeal, use and the functions of a space, which makes them all the more attractive to building companies who want to sell homes.

It’s not just higher-end communities that see great value in paving stones and hardscaping supplementing their landscaping, including materials such as concrete, metal, stone, wood, or brick. Stones or bricks can create beautiful privacy walls, walkways, or steps. Feature kits, like columns, fire pit kits and outdoor kitchen set-up kits are popular in more moderately priced communities as well.

When it comes to hardscaping, it’s helpful to seek professional guidance on any project to ensure you have the tools and skills required to complete the job, and a comprehensive understanding of the steps you need to work through to deliver an awesome result.

Contact the experts at Island Block & Masonry Supply on Long Island for help with your next hardscaping project. We are happy to serve the entire Tri State area. We offer detailed advice and walk customers through their projects for a finale that wows your family, friends and neighbors!


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