Pool Coping with Pavers

An in-ground pool is a major feature of any backyard. As something that immediately draws your guests’ eye, you want your pool to look as beautiful as possible.

However, keeping your pool up-to-date can be a challenge. As you change the other elements of your backyard, it can feel like your pool no longer fits. Luckily, with pavers and coping, you can update the look of your pool to fit with the rest of your outdoor design.

Here are a few popular kinds of pavers and coping that you may want to consider for your pool:

Thornbury Pavers

Thornbury pavers are a great replacement for traditional natural stone. With a rough yet comfortable texture, Thornbury Pavers are a great addition to a pool space. Not only is the stone comfortable to walk on with bare feet, the texture can reduce slipping – making it safe and beautiful for your family and guests.

Beacon Hill Flagstone Pavers

Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers are a light, natural color that blends in well with any outdoor space. With varying shapes and sizes, Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers allow you to create unique designs without being distracting. These pavers are elegant and timeless.

Brussels Fullnose Coping

Brussels Fullnose Coping is placed right up to the edge of your pool. With rounded sides, Brussels Fullnose Coping provides a safe and beautiful option of making your pool blend in seamlessly with the rest of your outdoor space. The round edges can prevent injuries, especially if you have children playing in your pool.

Umbriano Pavers

If you’re looking to cover a large, open space, Umbriano Pavers can be one of your best options. These rather large stones can help cover a lot of space without looking repetitive or overwhelming. Additionally, they have a gradient color, which creates dimension and some uniqueness.

If you’re looking to add pavers or coping to your pool space, the professionals at Island Block & Masonry Supply can help you find the right stone for your needs. Island Block & Masonry Supply services the tri-state area, offering a number of services to help you create the outdoor space of your dreams.


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