Popular Paver Projects on Pinterest

Websites like Pinterest and other social media make it easier than ever for people to access a wealth of home improvement inspiration without ever leaving their houses. But there is nothing like seeing outdoor remodeling ideas in person at New York’s Island Block & Masonry Supply to notice the details of the products and design. In this blog we will cover a few of the most popular paving stone projects people posted on Pinterest to get your creativity flowing so you have some ideas in mind when you come visit the paver experts at our Long Island location.

One project that was printed in multiple variations on Pinterest, was “how to build a concrete paver pathway.” Walkways, or pathways, made of paving stone are popular because a walkway is usually a smaller scale project than a driveway or patio; it adds instant curb appeal- not to mention it requires less maintenance (no grass) than other parts of your outdoor property.

“Pinners” provided a variety of step-by-step directions for a do-it-yourself paver walkway.

One thing they all had in common were the use of a completely leveled sand base, which provides a solid foundation for the pavers. Sand has enough “give” for the paver to shift slightly with the climate.

Another “PPPP”- that is, another popular Pinterest paver project topic was “how to cover a concrete patio with pavers.” Many people choose concrete slab for functionality, and regret that decision when it begins to crack. It’s sometimes possible to fix this unsightly problem without pouring new concrete, and it’s easier than laying pavers the usual way.

Though this project isn’t ideal for all patios, some with existing concrete may be able to place pavers over a concrete slab, which requires two types of pavers: thicker ones for the perimeter and smaller pavers to place on the interior sand bed.

Some other ideas, tips and tricks included:

Covering a concrete steps with pavers. This method is a cheaper way of adding some curb appeal to your home.

DIY fire pits, seat wall and bars were also popular pins in regards to outdoor remodeling.

Some suggested using a paver border that contrasts with your pavers; this puts an unexpected twist on a traditional pathway.

If you find yourself inspired by these Pinterest ideas, come visit our showroom in Long Island, New York.


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