Prep Your Concrete Pavers for Summer

The chill of winter has finally left the tri-state area, and residents are ready to enjoy the outdoors. Property owners who have manufactured paving stones installed somewhere on their property may want to take a quick assessment of their outdoor space now that the frost is all gone.

Home or property owners should inspect their pavers after winter, whether they have a paver driveway, walkway, patio, pool deck or loading dock. If you chose pavers, then you are likely aware of the fact that interlocking pavers have the ability to withstand very harsh weather because they are installed over a sand base and become stronger over time. Sand particles are spread over the pavers and packed down, rather than being connected by pouring grout between the joints like with tiles.

Due to the sand base and sand “joints”, pavers have give and are able to flex, which allows them to last through the pressure, contraction and expansion that can occur in the freezing temperatures and brutal weather that Suffolk County, Nassau County, the rest of Long Island, New Jersey, and Connecticut often encounters during winter.

It’s possible that pavers may shift and heave a little too much and need to be repaired, which is where another benefit of this product comes in: you don’t have to redo the entire path or driveway, you can just remove and repair the effected pavers. In most cases, pavers reset on their own, so you won’t see cracks in your beautiful paver driveway after winter, and you won’t be forced to shell out money for repairs.

So what’s the best way to ensure that your pavers stay supple as well as strong for summer and last through winter? Protect your interlocking pavers by “topping off” the joints (already) filled with paver joint sand- it’s a simple and inexpensive way to avoid pricey paver repairs.

So whether you’re worried about a couple of uneven pavers or are considering having pavers installed on your property as a walkway, driveway or other space, Island Block & Masonry Supply can help you create a beautiful and functional outdoor area that you will use for years to come, all at an affordable price. Contact our Long Island office today – call 631-443-4521.


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