Simple Tips for Hillside Landscaping

If you have a hillside in your backyard, you’ve probably been trying to dream up a few ways to make the space look better. While a hillside can be great for privacy, it isn’t the easiest to landscape. However, hillside landscaping doesn’t need to be difficult.

Let’s take a look at a few easy ways you can landscape your hillside, so you can have the beautiful backyard you’ve always dreamed of!

1. Do Proper Planning

Before you begin adding plants, shrubs, or flowers to your hillside, you want to get to know the land. Take a look at your unique space and identify any trees or rocks you’ll need to work around. You’ll also want to consider what happens when it rains. If you experience flooding, this could influence the plants you choose to include in your landscaping project.

2. Add Some Stairs

When you’re trying to maintain a hillside landscaping project, you need to ensure you’re able to reach plants throughout the entire hillside. Adding a pathway or stairs can make it easier for you to care for your plants.

3. Choose the Right Plants

Depending on how steep your slope is, you may need to worry about runoff or your plants struggling to take root. In order to ensure your hillside landscape lasts, be sure to include low-maintenance, solid elements. This may include trees, rocks, or other stone structures to help hold your soil.

4. Include a Retaining Wall

A retaining wall is another feature that can help your hillside landscape stay in place. By adding an extra layer of protection, a retaining wall can ensure your hillside landscape stays beautiful for a longer period of time. A retaining wall can also help your new landscape blend into your patio, backyard, and the design of the home.

For assistance with your next landscaping project, contact Island Block & Masonry Supply. We can help you design, create, and maintain the landscaping of your hillside, helping you to create the outdoor space of your dreams. To begin talking about your next project, you can give us a call at 631.443.4521.


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