Simple Tips to Keep Your Paving Mold-Free

Simple Tips to Keep Your Paving Mold-Free

During the wet season, it is not uncommon to find mold growing on your paving. Mold on paving not only looks untidy but it can also cause accidents because it is slippery. If you have children or elderly people living in the house, you will want to avoid mold through following these simple tips.



Mold cannot grow in dry heat, as such; the best defense against it is to allow sunshine on your paving. Clear away any branches or bushes that may be blocking the sunlight from reaching your paving; you will notice that the paving will remain mold-free.


Leaks and Water Sources

Another way to keep mold from growing on your pavement is to keep it as dry as possible. Inspect your residence for any leaks or other water sources that may be leading moisture onto the pavement. Check your gutters and redirect the water to another area if need be.



When you have too much moisture over a long period of time, mold will grow on any surface. Because leaves retain moisture, fallen leaves on your pavement provide a thriving environment for the growth of mold. One simple way to avoid this is by ensuring that your paving is swept regularly. Not only will it keep the mold away, but it will also give the paving a clean and neat look.



A less-natural way of keeping your paving mold free is by using chemicals. Normally, chemicals are not used to remove mold, but if all other ways fail, you could try some of the strong stuff. Use one cup of chlorine (250ml) and mix it into a five-liter bucket of warm water. The warm water helps the water and chlorine to mix together faster. If you do not have chlorine, use a 50/50 mixture of bleach and cold water. Wet the paving thoroughly and apply a small amount of the mixture using a spray bottle or a hose sprayer depending on the size of the paving. You should see your mold problem clear up fairly quickly, just make sure to keep any family pets or children away from the area until it, and the surrounding area, are completely dry

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