Softscaping and Hardscaping: Striking a Balance

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There are two aspects of landscape design. Many people don’t realize that property design isn’t all about plants, bushes and flowers, there are also other elements that drive the makeup of a property.

Creating the ideal landscape

Hardscape and softscape are the two elements. So, what’s the difference? Both are essential to create the perfect landscape, but simply put, they are opposites. Both terms have gained popularity in recent years as the use of hardscaping elements becomes more widespread due to the material’s minimal maintenance requirements and unmatched curb appeal.

Balancing the two is important. Too much landscaping, and it may look like you need a sword to slice through a green jungle to get to the front door, and too much hardscaping can give a house’s property a commercial look, like it’s an office building, not a cozy home.

Below, we have listed some common hardscaping and softscaping elements to give you a better idea of what features fall under each category.


Paving stones, gravel and the like are categorized as hardscaping materials; so hardscaping is technically “hard, but it can be movable.

Hardscaping does not change with the seasons, it is solid and inanimate.

Patios and paths, retaining walls and benches, water features and outdoor kitchens are all hardscaping features.


Living and growing parts of your property’s landscape, possibly including flowers, trees, shrubs and things of that sort.

Softscaping changes depending on the climate.

Usually softscaping is actually “soft.”

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