Types of Real Stone Veneer

We carry five types of natural stone here at Island Block & Masonry Supply, all of which are resistant to extreme environmental factors, such as freeze-thaw cycles that we experience during and after the harsh winters of the tri-state area.

Real stone veneer, as the name denotes, was created through natural forces, so the color and texture of the stone is present throughout the entire piece. Since each piece of natural stone is different and unique, this creates a one-of-a-kind finished project.

Natural stone veneer is perfect for those seeking a natural or more rustic look when adding features to their exterior or even interior. Real stone veneer or natural stone veneer is a product that is commonly used to beautify interior or exterior projects. For the exterior, this material can be used for siding for example; on an interior, it can be used for a fireplace. It can be used as a substitute for wood, brick, stucco or vinyl for exterior siding or cladding.

Below see the variety of natural stone we carry at our Long Island location, conveniently located for easy access to residents and businesses within the tri state area.

Flagstone: Flagstone is a flat stone that fits very well for residential as well as commercial projects, as it’s perfect for usually paving slabs or walkways and patios. Flagstone is also a great fit for memorials, headstones, facades and other forms of construction.

Cobblestone: This stone just looks so fitting when a project need a historic feel, and it is every bit as sturdy as any material used for projects with a more modern aesthetic.

Wall Stone: We carry wall stone is several different cuts here, including pattern and tumble cut.

Stone Veneer: This is also referred to as porcelain stoneware. It’s manufactured under high pressure by dry-pressing fine processed ceramic raw materials with large proportions of quartz, feldspar and other fluxes.

Stone Tile: Stoneware tiles with glaze are perfect ceramics for floors. Stoneware has a water absorption rate of less than 3% percent, and it’s frost proof due to its low porosity. This stone holds up against brutal winters. Stoneware’s high density and amazing mechanical strength make it a great for floor coverings exposed to high traffic such as for industry, commerce or public areas are made of unglazed stoneware.


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