Unilock Paver Product Spotlight

We carry four complete Unilock product lines at our Long Island location of Island Block & Masonry Supply. These fine paving stones fit in perfectly with the assortment of outdoor remodeling projects preferred by residents and businesses throughout the tri state area. Take a look at the information on each of the Unilock lines we keep in stock and contact us if you need some help choosing a certain type of paving stone.

Endura Color Pavers: We carry more than 10 different types of this particular product line of Endura Color Pavers by Unilock. The Artline Endura Pavers are reminiscent of subway tile avallable in five different color washes. The clean lines are a perfect fit for a minimalist, modern outdoor design.

Endura Color Plus Pavers: There are nine different types of this line, all of which boast an exceptionally strong stone with color that endures. The Umbriano® is particularly fitting for a pool patio because of it extremely dense molecular composition. Its makeup gives makes these pavers impervious to chlorine or salt pool water, as well as de-icing salt erosion. Sharp edges and gorgeous color options make Umbriano and the other Eundura Plus Pavers a favorite among architects and designers.

Unilock Permeable Pavers: The Dura-Mat Unilock Permeable Pavers collection consists of concrete units that fasten together to form a permanent protective “carpet.” The unique interlocking system enables these pavers to contour in various types of terrains. Another great feature of this product is the solid-to-void ratio, which allows for vegetation growth.

Perhaps the most permeable of Unilock’s collection is the Uni Eco-Stone. Not only does this paver allow for maximum drainage to promote water runoff and fuel the natural ecosystem, but it has full capability to handle the weight of a vehicle and normal wear and tear.

Classic Pavers: Out of the nine Class Pavers from Unilock we carry, the Brussels Block® has a rustic warmth and timeless beauty that define this paver. An antiqued, tumbled finish gives this paving stone the kind of one-of-a-kind look mimicking age-worn cobblestone.

Granite Stone™ is made with real pieces of granite, chips to be exact. No other paving stone can match the majesty and character if this paver.

As a family run business for the last 60 years, Island Block & Masonry Supply is passionate about helping Long Island residents and business people as well as those throughout the tri state area with all of their residential or commerical block and masonry needs. We take pride in our strong emphasis on stellar customer service. Visit our Long Island showroom today or call 631-443-4521 to speak to our experts.


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