Unilock Permeable Pavers

Island Block & Masonry Supply proudly offers several types of eco-friendly permeable paving products, which help aid in the reduction of water pollution due to the fact that their more porous formation allows water to percolate back into the soil and into the water table rather than creating runoff, which often flows into sewers and then our already fragile waterways in the tri state area.

We noted in a previous blog that the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) stated that more and more professionals are choosing permeable interlocking concrete pavements than ever before due to the environmental advantages of the material and its ability to meet low impact development goals.

Below we have listed a variety of the Unilock permeable paving products we sell at our Long Island showroom.


Available in multiple shapes, this Unilock permeable paver is also produced using face-mix technology that increases the durability of the product and provides better color retention. Custom colors and finishes are available to offer unlimited design possibilities.


This paver’s patented “L” shaped design allows you to achieve a superior lock-up that can withstand even the heaviest residential and commercial loads. The innovative design creates small voids between the pavers providing drainage into the sub-base.


With Custom finish and color options set this paver apart; it has the ability to be mechanically installed.


This paver offers erosion control pond lining. The interlocking units fasten together on all sides to form a permanent protective carpet. The interlocking system of Dura-Mat allows contouring to most terrain conditions. Vegetarian can grow where you would like because the solid-to-void ratio leave some room for growth!


Thornbury’s modestly textured surface and three compatible sizes allow people to mix and match to achieve a unique look.

Town Hall™

This paver satisfies both traditional and permeable installation methods while maintaining a historical worn and distressed appearance.


Meant for erosion control and supported turf, Turfstone has long been a favorite of landscape architects and engineers for areas requiring a supported turf.

Uni Eco-Stone®

This Unilock paver allows maximum drainage while maintaining a surface that can people can drive, walk and play on! Unlike solid paving surfaces like concrete, Uni Eco-Stone makes natural drainage and migration of water into the earth below possible.


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