Utlizing Outdoor Space to Your Best Advantage

We know everyone in the tri state area is more than ready to welcome the warmer seasons, but is your yard ready? It’s almost spring, so it’s time to think about how your outdoor space can be better utilized — and it never hurts to add some curb appeal, even if just for your own satisfaction.

We’re a big fan of gardening and all things landscaping here at Island Block & Masonry Supply, and while there are a multitude of designs homeowners could incorporate into their sprawling or smaller-sized yards, garden features are a huge hit right now with spring (hopefully) near and the sun warming the ground that has been covered with snow for the past few months!

At Island Block & Masonry Supply, we carry all of the products you need to create a gorgeous garden path with paving stones, such as products by well-known brands, such as Nicolock or Cambridge Paving Stones. With the right products and help from the pros, we can guarantee you will get the polished and upscale look you hoped for when investing in your home — all at an affordable price.

Pathways can meander through far-reaching gardens or cut straight from one side of the garden space to the other. We can help you focus on how to get it all done: your winding path with curved edges and complex insets, or your clean, geometric shapes with straight lines and a modern appeal.

If you prefer your indoor living quarters to be more traditional, with neutral colors and a modern aesthetic, outdoor remodeling is a great way to incorporate your more eccentric side without breaking the bank or altering the overall vibe of your home. A drastic change is color palette, era of style and unique touches and features can all be incorporated into an outdoor remodeling project.

At Island Block & Masonry Supply, we are a company where the customer always comes first. We continually strive to help our customers in any capacity and greatly appreciate the business we receive from loyal, longtime patrons as well as those who are visiting our Long Island showroom for the first time.


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