Why Pavers Are a Great Option for Tri State Area Residents

The climate we experience in the tri state area lends itself extremely well to concrete pavers. Many people see paving stones and assume they would only be appropriate in warmer or southern climates. However, the freeze/thaw cycle that happens in the winter and then spring throughout the northern states where we usually experience snow and icy conditions in the colder months doesn’t cause damage to pavers.

While snow and ice can cause concrete and asphalt to develop unsightly and dangerous cracks and hollow areas over time, the density of each individual paver block makes them more durable- as a team. Concrete doesn’t “give” which causes the cracks, while individual bricks allow for flex throughout the freeze and thaw cycle, helping them better recover from the freeze.

De-icing salts, shoveling and everyday traffic from kids, toys, bikes, cars and everything else can wreak havoc on concrete and asphalt driveways. This is one of the many reasons that pavers are “better” than concrete. Think the seemingly even surface of poured concrete makes snow removal a cinch? That’s not the case. The repeated use of de-icing salts and other agents like mentioned above will definitely cause deterioration, along with any fractures that develop due to freezing.

Rather than having to repave your entire driveway like you would if you had poured concrete, each individual paving stone is its own unique block, making damage repair a snap! If damage occurs, just pop out that block and replace it with one of the extra ones you should have on hand if you follow our advice of accounting for extra pavers in your order in preparation for situations like this.

Considering installing a paving stone driveway but not sure when the best time to redo your driveway would be? Contact the experts at Island Block & Masonry Supply, we can help you pick out the right products and tell you everything there is to know about caring for your paving stone driveway in the winter and all year round. Give us a call at 631-443-4521, contact us via this online form or visit our Long Island, NY showroom, conveniently located to all within the tri state area.


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