Winterizing Your Patio: A Checklist

Winter is on its way. In fact, in some places winter weather is already here! Have you prepared your home for the cold? Many people think to cover their outdoor faucets, put down mulch to protect their plants, and perform other tasks to ready their house for the cold, but some forget that the patio also needs attention. Pavers and stone are very durable, but even the strongest patio can be damaged if it’s not taken care of correctly. Below is a handy checklist to use to prepare your patio for the winter.

Put Away Your Patio Furniture

If your patio furniture isn’t meant for use in the winter, you’ll want to clean it and bring it indoors. Some patio furniture is rated for use in all types of weather, but some furniture isn’t. Take the time to clean off your chairs and other items before you bring them in to store them.

Also remember to take down the umbrella if you have one. It won’t do you any good during the winter. In fact, the heavy snow can damage it.

Clean the Grill

Whether you have a stand-alone grill or one that is built into your outdoor kitchen area, you need to clean off your grill before winter begins. First, you’ll want to heat it up and let all of the residue burn off the surface. Scrape off anything left over with your wire brush. Take out the grease tray and wash it. Also take the time to wipe down the entire grill.

If you’re planning to move your propane grill indoors, remember to take the tank off. These tanks should not be stored indoors. Put a plastic bag over the tank and leave it in a secure place outdoors.

Sweep off Debris

Sweep off any accumulated debris on your patio. This debris can work its way down into any cracks between your pavers, causing some issues later on. If you have a power washer, give your patio a good cleaning. Even if you don’t, you should rinse off your patio with your water hose.

Need More Info?

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